Snowy Portland Japanese Garden

Overnight car camping trips to the Oregon Coast and Arctic fronts of snow with cold temps don’t go together, at least for this Cali girl. Instead, we went north and enjoyed the snow on a day trip to the Portland Japanese Garden. It’s been on my Oregon bucket list for a while, after reading about it being the best Japanese garden in the US.

Chris and I got off to a late start because I always have some kind of freak out before a trip out of town. This time, it was about having a clean house in case of an accident, because I’m sure that’s what people care about at a time like that. Although, It was nice coming home to a clean house.

We climbed the short hill to the opening of the park and the modern, glass walled cafe. From there, we passed by the gift shop and headed to the Pavillion and the city overlook. It was not the best day for viewing Mt. Hood, unfortunately. Chris has been in a lot of pain lately with his shoulder and neck, but once we got going on the paths, he started to loosen up and enjoy it. We ended up loving all the ponds and water features, the statuary tucked into corners, and the manicured trees all dressed in snow.

We’re already planning a return visit for later this spring when everything will be in bloom. Next time, we’ll definitely get an earlier start so that we can check out the gift shop (looked like it had some amazing things from the windows) and get a pot of tea at the cafe before they close at 4 pm. (Update: Spring/ Summer it’s open until 7 pm)


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