PNW Coastal Adventure

Over Spring Break we had our first real camping trip! Setting out for the Oregon Coast, we were met in the coastal mountains with big fluffy cotton balls of snow. Not quite what I had planned, but we didn’t turn back. I knew it would rain a lot for the six days of our trip, it is the Pacific Northwest afterall, I just didn’t think it would rain nonstop for 5 of the 6 days. It definitely made for an adventure with two chihuahuas in tow!


The first night we got a sweet camping spot at Carl G. Washburne State Park. Instead of braving the rain, we went up the road to the Luna Sea Fish House in Yachats for dinner. Off the main drag they have a little house where there was a duo playing old rock-n-roll and we had crab that our server had just brought in that morning. It was such a fun evening.


The next day we started our drive north. I was a total tourist and stopped at almost every scenic viewpoint we came across. Of the little coastal communities, Gearhart was sweet but Manzanita stole my heart. It reminds me of my small hometown of Exeter, CA with it’s quaint downtown full of shops and restaurants. I also loved that it’s flat enough to get around town on a bike, a must for me. We finally settled for the night at Fort Stevens State Park and arrived in time to see the famous shipwreck of the Peter Iredale. We got lucky here and the rain stopped long enough to have a campfire and break-in the new campstove.


Next up was Washington. We spent the whole day driving up to Olympic National Forest and I was beat. It was harder than I had thought to find a place for the night. The inns didn’t allow pets and the campgrounds weren’t yet open for the season. Rain Forest Resort Village was nice enough to let us camp anyways and it was amazing! We had the place to ourselves and backed our Outback as close as we could to Lake Quinault to enjoy the sunset. Olympic National Park was beautiful, although the roads to the most popular spots in the north were still closed and we didn’t get to see everything.

By the fourth night we were feeling pretty rough and decided to get a room in Port Angeles. The bed and hot showers felt amazing. We had a fun dinner at Next Door where I had the Mrs. Newton burger. I’ll admit I was a little slow getting the name, it was a burger with melted brie cheese and fig jam and was probably one of the best I’ve had. The music was great too with Erykah Badu and Amy Winehouse being shuffled on the soundsystem.


From there we started south again, stopping back in Manzanita for some dinner at MacGregor’s, a cool little Irish place with more whiskey than I’ve ever seen. Dinner was fab and the drinks hit the spot. Chris suggested they rename his Hendrick’s gin cocktail the Ginny Hendrix. Unfortunately after our late dinner, we made the mistake of thinking it would be more convenient just to sleep at a rest stop near Tillamook and get an early start the next day. We had the worst night of headlights shining in and listening to the traffic from the highway. Never again.


Our last day was absolutely gorgeous; the sun finally came out and shined on the Oregon Coast as we finished our drive home. Amazingly, I didn’t ruin my odds for another camping adventure with Chris despite the awful weather and trying to play it by ear the whole time. 


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