People who wonder whether the glass is half empty or half full are missing the point.

The glass is REFILLABLE.

I’m the wife of a disabled combat veteran; we have a blended family including four adult children. This past year has been full of change. I turned forty and realized it was just me and Chris, my husband, at home now. We had reached a new phase in our lives and, with the kids gone, I needed a new focus. I quit working and went back to school full time. We’ve gone paleo to help with my husband’s health issues; he has several injuries—back, shoulder, and hip—and chronic pain from being in the Marines. Keeping with the out-with-the-old theme, I’ve been working to simplify our lives by letting go of possessions I had been holding onto for years that we just don’t need. Purging can sometimes be hard, but very freeing letting go and getting back to what makes us happy.

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